Welcome to the Southeast Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science

We hope to serve as a hub of water-interested folks in the Southeastern United States.

Image credit: Laura Naslund

The Southeast chapter held its first meeting on November 4th. We currently have 40 official members and are excited to expand! Please send your ideas for the chapter to sfs.southeast@gmail.com. We maintain a directory of current members and those who have expressed interest in the chapter. If you would like access to this directory, please send a request with a brief justification to sfs.southeast@gmail.com.


You can sign up to be in the SE chapter via the SFS memberclick website (https://sfs.memberclicks.net/). Just hit the join/renew button and your current SFS membership will already be populated; you will just need to click the box next to Southeastern USA chapter. It is $10 to join and the funds go directly to the chapter to help fund chapter activities, scholarships, etc.

SE Chapter Meeting

We are exploring the possibility of hosting a chapter meeting in Columbus, GA next fall (likely early November). Please fill out this form to let the organizers know if you would be interested in attending.

Communications Coordinators

We are seeking five volunteer communications coordinators to develop our social media and web content. These positions will provide excellent opportunities to build science communication skills and get to know water folks in the southeastern US. We especially encourage undergraduate and graduate students to volunteer. If you are interested, please send an email to sfs.southeast@gmail.com.

Southeast USA Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science
Southeast USA Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science